Circuit Training for Fat Loss

Beneficial for any fitness level and adaptable for all goals.

Adaptable and versatile, circuit training is one of the best all-around workouts that can fit into the smallest window of time and can be a great stepping stone to starting a fitness journey or easing back into one after a hiatus (or two).

“The biggest benefit of circuit training is its adaptability for the individual.”

Simply put, circuit training is basically a series of exercises performed in a specific order for a set number of completed rounds. The exercises can be geared to build #strength, #endurance, #cardiovascular health, and of course #fat loss.

Complete Adaptability

The biggest benefit of circuit training is its adaptability for the individual. Not only can an entire circuit workout be created to address a specific fitness objective (ie cardio improvement), that specific circuit workout can be adjusted each member working out depending on flexibility, movement, current health, #goals, and any other considerations that might require alteration without sacrificing the overall benefit of the workout.

Usually planned for an hour in duration, circuits can be adjusted to increase or decrease in duration based on what you can fit into your schedule. No matter how short the duration, all exercise is beneficial and with time adjustments, intensity can also follow suit to get the most out of the shortened circuit.

Fitness Goals
Circuits can be created to address specific fitness goals or mixed and matched to provide a well-rounded workout to achieve an overall great workout. With alternating activities, #HIIT workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training) work very well with circuits as they provide various intensity depending on the specific activity. As well, circuits don’t need to have a million stations, just targeted activities repeated for optimum achievement.

Social Interaction
When you’re surrounded by people with similar goals and drive, magic happens! You not only expand your social circle, but you also meet people who are there to cheer you on, engage in a little friendly competition, and support other people who may be where you were only 6 short weeks earlier.


Circuit or group training is like a gateway drug to bigger fitness goals. It’s the perfect entry to starting your journey or getting back to a stronger lifestyle after a hiatus. With commitment, you can be surprised at the results you can achieve for fat loss with circuit training (at Renew we see an average of 6% loss with our group members). Once you see the results and feel the confidence that group training can bring, the next step is finding exercise programs (inside or outside the gym) to build on your next goal whatever it may be.


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