Renew Personal Training provides a high quality personal, semi-private, and group training to Newmarket and surrounding area. Our educated, motivated, and passionate trainers are ready to help members through all aspects of training, nutrition, and lifestyle necessary to reach and exceed their goals!

Everyone that walks into the Renew doors is evaluated and assessed so that we can create a program that will help maximize results. Everyone has a different starting point in terms of mobility, balance, coordination, flexibility, core strength, and conditioning. We create a program that will help you regardless of your starting point.  Our membership is very diverse; from busy moms, to businessmen, to younger students. At Renew Personal Training you will find a very flexible schedule, professional and caring trainers, an amazing atmosphere, and challenging workouts!   Group Training The Renew Group Training program is our most popular program.  With a flexible schedule there is always time that works for you.  The Group Training program features high intensity strength and conditioning training 3x per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) as well as incredible cardio sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our Strength and Conditioning workouts are designed to burn a maximum amount of fat through full body functional movements.  Tuesdays and Thursdays cardio workouts are designed to improve heart health! All Renew Group Training workouts are designed to be unique, challenging, and fun.  The best part of our Group Training program is that it is done in the company of other people just like yourself looking to improve their health and feel better!

  • You will get awesome RESULTS!
  • You will have fun doing it.
  • You will see fat loss and muscle tone with our high intensity strength and conditioning training by training only 3x per week
  • You will become stronger and slimmer
  • You will improve the health of your heart, lungs, endurance, and overall fitness level by participating in our cardio sessions
  • You will boost energy, reduce stress, and feel better!

To find out more about our Group Training Program email or call NOW to get your first 3 weeks for ONLY $39! 905-235-7781


Personal or Semi-Private Training A 60 minute exercise session custom designed for your needs as you get a program created for your personal goals.  Personal and Semi-Private options allow you to train alone or with a small group of friends. Whatever the case your trainer will be dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Training with friends is a great way to make your workouts even more enjoyable, add extra motivation, and receive increased support!  All of these things can lead to faster and more superior results all while making personal training more cost-effective for each person! Set up your personal fitness assessment with Jon today by emailing or calling 905-235-7781   Strength Training Camps If becoming stronger, building more muscle and becoming unstoppable is your goal, then a Renew Strength Camp is for you! Power lifting, bodyweight training, and functional strength movements are all used in our program that is designed to make you the strongest you’ve ever been while putting on muscle to keep (or make) you lean and mean!

  • Tough Training
  • Motivating and Supportive
  • Improve Energy and Focus
  • More Confidence
  • Change Your Body

For more info contact us at or 905-235-7781