Renew 100lbs Fat Loss Challenge

Feel renewed with Renew’s 100lbs Fat Loss Challenge

At Renew Personal Training we are helping our clients meet and exceed a variety of goals. As we are constantly looking for different ways to encourage our clients to make healthy lifestyle changes, we have decided to run a challenge for the month of June. We are running a fat loss challenge during which we are tracking how much fat is lost by all clients collectively at Renew. Our goal for the studio is 100lbs during June, but we believe that our clients will be able to exceed that lofty goal.

As an added measure during this challenge, we at Renew have committed to matching every pound of fat lost at Renew in the month of June with a pound of food donated to a local food bank in Newmarket. We made this commitment because we believe in building a better community both inside Renew and outside its walls. We know our clients will enjoy the challenge of losing fat, but will also commit to working hard to reach our goal.

If you are interested in joining this challenge at Renew give us a call at 905-235-7781 or use the form on the contact page.