I started training with Jon just over a year ago with hopes that he would be able to better assist me in my weight loss goals. Since working with Jon I have been able to achieve a total weight loss of 20 pounds, loss of 26 inches and lowered my BMI significantly. He has the ability to motivate, inspire and encourage me to push myself further than I would have ever been capable of on my own. His outgoing and friendly manner, coupled with his vast educational background in fitness and nutrition makes him an excellent personal trainer to help anyone achieve their personal goals. Jon’s knowledge allowed him to develop creative, customized programs that met all my specialized needs. He never failed to be there to support, encourage and praise me on my new gains and accomplishments. He was able to provide me with a greater understanding of the mechanics and purpose of an exercise; as well as, instill the confidence I needed in myself to help me achieve the level of physical strength and endurance required to start seeing the type of optimal results I was striving for. While working with Jon it was inevitable that his degree of professionalism and dedication to his clients is superior. Most importantly Jon was able to accommodate a nutrition and fitness plan that was manageable and suited the demands of my hectic lifestyle as a part time student and full time employee.

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