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Top 10 tips for busy professionals

Dave is a client at Renew who starts his day with Lime and Salt to get optimum performance for his transformation

At Renew we train a lot of business owners, high level executives, successful sales people and other busy professionals so I thought I’d put together my top 10 tips for them.

1: Start your day off right. Eat breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. What you eat first sets your body up for the rest of the day. At Renew we recommend a high protein, moderate fat and lower carb meal. This will increase your dopamine levels give you the energy and focus you need to be productive.

Example Lean beef rump steak, walnuts and broccoli or eggs, avocado and spinach omelette

2: Don’t’ skip meals. Skipping meals leads to unstable blood sugar levels, which can make you feel light headed and dizzy. It can also make you HANGRY, or lead to poor judgement and clarity. This often leads to grabbing junk food from the vending machine which will only lead to a bigger waistline not the lean body you want.

  1. Hydrate. So many people walk around dehydrated and studies have shown it leads to decreased production and increased levels of stress hormone. We all know with targets, goals and deadlines we have enough stress flying around the body we don’t need to add more by being dehydrated. A simple idea would be to keep three 1L bottles at your desk and make sure to drink them daily. Being dehydrated will also hamper your body’s ability to burn fat.

  2. Learn Portion Control Most busy people don’t have time to count calories and weigh all their food. Learning basic portion sizes for meals will really come in handy. Simple tips from Precision Nutrition:

Protein: 2 palm sizes for men, 1 for women

Veggies: 2 Fists for men 1 for women

Carbs: 2 hand cupped sizes for men 1 for women

Fats: 2 thumbs for men 1 thumb for women.  

  1. Own your schedule don’t let it own you. If you have a busy day with back to back to back meetings plan ahead. Some ideas for this are: Have water ready, bring in a protein shake or bar or two pending on the day, and have nuts with you for snacking on in between or during meetings if allowed.

  2. Don’t let eating out be an excuse. Just because you are at a restaurant doesn’t mean you need to have a three course meal with a decedent dessert. Avoid alcohol at these meetings as they are useless calories and hard to burn off. Stick to the water.
  3. Batch Cooking. For a busy individual this a great time saver. Block off an hour or two on a day you can spare the time and cook a bunch of food that will last the next few days. Every Sunday I spend an hour or two cook meals for my week. It takes the same amount of time to cook one chicken breast as it does five. So do yourself a favor and cook multiple meals at once.
  4. Maximize your sleep. Most busy professionals don’t have 7-10 hours they can sleep so you need to maximize the time you do have. You can do this by eating foods that are high in serotonin. Example White meat and carbs later in the day are ideal. This will help you sleep. I would also turn off all electronics in the room. Yes even your iPhone. If you still have trouble sleeping, the supplement Optisom by ATP-Labs has worked wonders for my clients. It allows you to relax your brain and get a nice deep sleep!
  5. Avoid the Airport bar. The free wine and Champaign may be tempting but your body will feel way better if you stick to water!  
  6. Exercise Efficiently– If time is valuable make sure you are efficient with it. If you are texting or emailing while training…..well then your not really training and wasting time. Even ten minutes of high intensity exercise will help your body and metabolism. 



9 Lessons For a Lean Fit Transformation This Summer!

Lesson 1- Get Real & Commit To The Change

True change is hard if you don’t know where you are or where you want to go. If you don’t assess you can take many of the wrong steps to getting to your goal, easily become overwhelmed, confused and give up.

Doing what you’ve always done probably isn’t the right way if you are still trying and failing then beating yourself up over it.

Everyone will have their own unique journey complete with stumbles, getting back up then success. Just because things don’t always go how you would like doesn’t mean you are failing.  If you are tracking your journey you can learn from mistakes and they’ll take you one step closer to your goal.

With the right support and coaching the learning curve is warp speed and it will feel easier to succeed.

You have to prepare yourself and commit to the transformation!

Lesson 2- Make Nutrition More Important Than Training

I know I own a training studio and I’m saying what?!

Most people start with exercise but dialing in the nutrition will yield a greater impact on your physique. Exercise is important but you can’t out train a bad diet. Exercise by itself isn’t enough but when coupled with good nutrition exercise will super charge your results.

We spend time learning from the best about nutrition using principles from Precision Nutrition. We have different approaches when it comes to food that meets our clients where they are at. We can work step by step, one habit at a time or we give a template of food that are aligned with their goals or even get as specific as to exact measurements of calories and macronutrients.

Lesson 3- What Drives you?

What is the one thing is motivating you? We all have our reasons for dragging our asses out of bed. What force is driving you to change your life and take action?

Most people don’t dig down deep enough to know why they are going to keep going when things get tough. What will keep you from giving up and pushing yourself to achieve the success you desire?

Take time to write out your purpose. This will help you in your journey when you hit a wall and need to get through it. Keep it in front of you and read it every day to remind yourself why you are making the changes you are. 

There are no rules with this statement. It is yours so make it as personal as you can. It can revolve around family, health, career, relationship ect. What will take you to the next level in achieving your goals? Remind yourself daily so your statement is always on your mind.

Lesson 4- Choose Proof over What “They Say”

Don’t get swayed by gimmicky marketing to try what “they say”

“They” can be friends, celebs like Dr. Oz (I hate that guy haha), infomercials, TV, magazines, anything promising quick easy fixes.

No one wants to start a program that has a zero % success rate yet so many people invest time money and energy into things that don’t work. If you’ve been to Dr. Bernstien 3 times odds are good it hasn’t worked and probably will not be a long term fix….EVER.

At Renew you can walk in and see some of our best stories with more online or by following us on facebook or instgram @RenewPT.

If you are serious about getting results and are tired of trying what they say send us an email to see how we can help you out.

Lesson 5- Focus on One Thing

Often people bite off more than they can chew.  They can follow a strict plan for a week or two but then fall off the wagon and end up with more pain and frustrations. It’s important to be honest with yourself and your coach about what you can handle. At Renew we’ll meet you where you are at. If you need to work on developing healthy habits we can start there, if you just need specific tweaks we can help with that too. Everyone is unique and will excel with different plans.

It’s important to build successes to gain and keep momentum not to overwhelm yourself. One question we ask is. “What behavior matches our clients goals that will propel them forward to success?”

One habit at a time will have a snowball effect on healthy eating, training, lifestyle habits to help our clients succeed.

Lesson 6- Find Accountability

Life would be great if we could keep ourselves accountable but we know this isn’t the case otherwise we all be exactly where we want to be in life!

You need someone in your corner to keep you on track and picks you up when things are lacking. I’m not talking about a drill sergeant who yells at you and puts you down. That won’t work. I’m talking about real coaching that gets you empathy, you’re heard and you work together on a strategy. At Renew we remind our clients of their goals and the habits they are working on. We’ll help you focus on what needs to be done and help you stay on track.


Lesson 7- Measure Actions

You hear it all the time you should track your results.  We do track results here at Renew but we don’t track weight daily. What you want to track is your actions. Did you follow the healthy habits we set up? All we can control is the actions we are taking that will lead us to success. Tracking actions will alleviate stress and help you enjoy the journey and trust the process.  When we focus on what we can control day in and day out that is what leads us to amazing results!

Lesson 8- Find The Right Community

 When you are looking for a great transformation having the right people is important.  People who have a great support network of family, friends and coaches have more success and dramatic results compared to those that go it alone. When you have a network of people who are going through the same journey as you or have gone through it you can look to them for support and advice.   When you have a network you share your joys and struggles with you have a foundation for success. 

We have members here who have connected with one another and become friends as well as mentors to one another.  They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so connecting with someone here is a great idea!

Lesson 9- Focus on What’s Most Important

There is so much that goes into a great transformation that you can’t do everything. As I’ve mentioned previously you need help. It’s important to have a friend who’s gone through a transformation, coach or trainer to help track progress and take care of the details. You need to be able to focus on what’s most important and have someone else monitor the plan, strategize the next steps and keep the wheels in motion.

Put yourself in position to succeed!

Silver Medal!!!

Congrats to Julia and team Canada who won SILVER at the Youth Common Wealth games. Julia was part of Team Canada’s rugby 7s womens teamhat represented Canada very well! She came to Renew for athletic performance. She wanted to make sure she was not only following the program they set up but to destroy their expectations. She came in regularly, worked hard and crushed it! Julia gained strength, power, lean muscle and endurance. Congrats Julia on the Silver Medal!

BIOPRINT Now Available!

We are now certified as official BIOPRINT practitioners. This is a course taught by world-renowned strength and condition coach Charles Poliquin the Strength Sensei. This program allows us to take and analyze skinfold measurements. This programs gives us accurate Body Fat Percentage, Lean Mass and the area of priority you need to work on to optimize your proformance and results. This takes the guess work out of your nutiriton and supplementation giving us an unfair advantage to maximize your program and achieve your goals! Bio Print Practitioner

Start your day off right!

What’s the best way to start your day? I know what your thinking….the smell of foldgers in my cup…. Wrong! It’s a little bit of lime, a little bit of salt…but hold the tequilla!!! A shot of lime juice and a quarter tsp of colored salt in a glass of water is all you need! The salt helps your adrenalglads and the lime juice will help alkiline your ph levels in your body.
Dave is a client at Renew who starts his day with Lime and Salt to get optimum performance for his transformation

Dave is a client at Renew who starts his day with Lime and Salt to get optimum performance for his transformation

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