April’s Member of the Month: Liz

I hated working out, it never seemed to work. I didn’t even see the point in trying. Thanks to extensive work with Jon and now the whole Renew team not only is my program working, but it is actually enjoyable. I now look forward to working out. I know that I have support to reach my goals. With Jon I know my goals are his goals. And reaching those goals is achievable. I have lost weight, gained strength, better health, and more confidence. With 50 lbs gone… there is no stopping me now!

From the Trainer:

Liz is a valued member of the family here at Renew. Liz always brings a good attitude to the studio. She continues to reach her goals with hard work and a willingness to push her body to new limits. She is very dedicated to achieving a better level of health by coming in regularly and rescheduling her appointments when she runs into any kind of conflict. Liz is also dedicated to making a lifestyle change and not just looking for a quick fix, crash diet. She keeps track of what she puts into her body and as increased her physical activity outside of the studio. Keep up the hard work Liz!

For all of her hard work Liz has won Renew Personal Training Gear!