I have always been underweight and a small person in general and it has been a struggle for me to gain weight throughout my life.  I have tried certain diets to gain weight which worked to a certain extent but I always hit a wall as to how much I could gain.  I decided to start some personal training sessions with Jon in the hopes to put on some muscle not only to gain weight but to improve my overall health and appearance.  Jon provided a customized exercise regime for me to follow on my own in addition to personal training sessions with him.  He also provided me with healthy ways to supplement my diet in order to make the most of the exercises being done.  While he pushed me hard in order to get the best results, he made each session fun and was both motivating and encouraging.  Through working with Jon for approximately five months, I have gained some muscle mass that has not just changed my appearance, but has made me feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.